University Looks to Students in Effort To Drive Down Waste

Although Wraith noted the OFS and Eco REPs are doing a good job, she mentioned that those pushing for Green efforts “need to be a little bit radical” if they want to change how some students think.

Even during her time as an Eco REP, she said that she found “things that were not working, but [because] that was the policy…you did them anyway.”

Still, Sharma noted, REPs are “constantly trying” to adapt to new technology and methods of engaging students.

Wraith suggested that a recycling awareness imitative should be implemented in the same way that undergraduates are required to complete Harvard Proof, an online alcohol safety program, before they arrive on campus.

“If you have to identify how much is a standard drink…you [should] have to identify what is recyclable and not,” she said.


For now though, on the student level, Olsen and Gogan said they want to continue partnering with various student groups to spread the message across the University ever more effectively.

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