Mass Hall, Fall 2017
On Campus

2017 Sustainability Report Highlights Progress, Features New Graphics

The Office for Sustainability released its 2017 Sustainability report, highlighting reductions in trash production per capita and water use, among other improvements.

Mt. Trashmore
Student Groups

Sustainability Group Builds 'Mt. Trashmore'

​Freshmen making their way to Annenberg on Wednesday morning passed by a mountain of trash including greasy pizza boxes, rotting food, and crumpled red cups.

Mt. Trashmore

Mt. Trashmore

Mt. Trashmore, a towering mountain made of all of Harvard Yard's Tuesday trash, appeared Wednesday outside Annenberg Memorial Hall. The Resource Efficiency Program (REP) created this mountain and the numerous signs around it to draw attention to how much we throw away every day; to encourage recycling; and to give passersby tips about sustainability.

Food and Drink

Experts Explore Challenges in Food Regulation Policy

From stifling innovation to encouraging excessive food waste, speakers at the 4th annual Harvard-UCLA Food Law and Policy Conference on Friday criticized the current food regulatory environment.

Office of Sustainability's Living Lab

Harvard Reduced Emissions, Water Use, Waste in 2016

The report, released Friday, detailed recent progress in Harvard’s schools efforts to reduce waste and emissions.

All Aboard

HUIDs Will Double as CharlieCards for Class of 2021

Harvard University IDs will double as MBTA CharlieCards for the incoming Class of 2021 in a pilot program, the Undergraduate Council announced at their general meeting on Sunday.


Campus Landscape Services Now Use Battery-Powered Equipment

​Landscape Services, a unit of Harvard Campus Services, is replacing their traditional, fuel-powered landscaping equipment with battery-powered counterparts in an attempt to reduce noise and air pollution.

Student Life


A faucet runs in a Harvard bathroom. Green ’20, the College’s freshman sustainability think tank, aims to correct misunderstandings about tap water.


Khurana, Mankiw Endorse Tap Water Campaign

Green '20, the College's freshman sustainability think tank, seeks to correct misinformation about tap water.

University Finances

Climate Change Solutions Fund Awards $1 Million to Seven Research Projects

​Harvard’s Climate Change Solutions Fund awarded approximately $1 million in grants to scholars from across the University, funding seven projects dedicated to understanding and combating climate change.


Food Studies Scholars Advocate Eco-Friendly Changes

​Scholars from the Greater Boston area came together Friday to present interdisciplinary research on global food system, with many arguing for fundamental changes in order to protect the environment.


Climate Change Comes to Cambridge

Rising sea levels, storm surges, and floods caused by climate change could place Harvard's campus at risk of being washed away.


Experts Offer Solutions Integrating Conservation and Economic Development

Experts discussed conservation strategies that can both protect biodiversity and encourage economic development at a panel Thursday evening.


‘Extreme Drought’ Forces Cambridge to Purchase $3.6 Million of Water

Reduced rainfall in Massachusetts and parts of the Northeast since May has pushed Cambridge’s local reservoirs to their lowest volume in at least 10 years, driving the city to purchase millions of dollars of water.

Harvard Law School

‘Food is Medicine’ Symposium Attracts Dozens

Dozens gathered at the Law School Friday to discuss the importance of nutrition and to consider how people can gain access to healthy food in the United States.