Teen Mag Quiz: Which Unpaid Internship Should I Take?

01 Which statement best describes you? a) People care about my tweets. b) “My witness is the empty sky.” ­- Jack Kerouac c) I actually really like Econ. d) I am very aware of my social privilege.

01 Which statement best describes you?

a) People care about my tweets.

b) “My witness is the empty sky.” ­- Jack Kerouac

c) I actually really like Econ.

d) I am very aware of my social privilege.

02 What are you wearing right now?

a) Designer handbag.

b) Hipster glasses.

c) Salmon shorts.

d) Hemp bracelet.

03 What’s your summer side project?

a) Transforming mom jeans into high­waist shorts.

b) Re­curating favorite books on Facebook.

c) Snapchatting high schoolers.

d) Finding myself at Burning Man.

04 Where do you want to be over the summer?

a) New York City.

b) New York City.

c) New York City.

d) Manhattan.

05 Your class background?

a) It’s not polite to talk about money.

b) We’ve been very blessed.

c) Secretly voted Republican.

d) Class is a social construct.

06 Obstacles you’ve overcome?

a) Credit limits.

b) Decline of longform journalism.

c) Lack of birth certificate.

d) White guilt.

If you answered mostly:

A’s: Fashion Magazine.

You’re a sassy, independent dresser with a keen eye. Slap on your best cravat and take the fashion world by storm!

B’s: Literary Periodical.

You smoke clove cigarettes. You have slight myopia. We get it. Enjoy mingling with other aesthetes.

C’s: Political Campaign.

You’re intelligent, ambitious, and well-groomed. Someday you’ll rule the world. This is merely the first step.

D’s: Generic NonProfit.

Social Justice is kind of important to you. Sometimes you like to help others. Your profound ambivalence will surely make a difference!