A Little Levity

Drinky Drink: "Girl Drinks"

When you come back and get down to your normal evening of painting your nails, looking at pictures of horses, and playing solo Madden, or whatever stuff you girls do, you might want a nice estrogen-y cold one to slurp it all down with.

FM Imagines: Celebrity Cover Letters

Budgetary strategy is one of my strong points. I know critics will say, “He blew a million dollars on private travel!” I beg you to think of it this way—it only cost me $1 million to charter those flights.

Venn Diagram: HUID vs. IUD

You really don't want to lose it.

FM Imagines: A Resignation from the Student Organization Center at Hilles

What did I do to deserve so much disdain? Is it too much to ask for the students, who walk by my doors every day, to give one ounce of recognition to the ten years I have spent relegated to the Quad, watching them silently pity my apparent lack of purpose?

Drinky Drink: Oscar Night

With the Oscars rapidly approaching, FM brings you drinks to last from the first red carpet stiletto to the end-of-show Best Picture reveal. Much like this year’s nominated films, these drinks might just make you question where you came from and whether you will ever find love. ​

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