Harvard Dining Introduces Flavored Water

Students returning to campus after winter break were greeted by new flavored water machines in many of Harvard’s undergraduate dining halls.

The new drink choices are part of Harvard University Dining Services’ efforts to introduce more healthy options for students, according to HUDS spokesperson Crista Martin.

"Building on our efforts to offer healthy choices for Harvard College students, we are adding Aquahealth machines to all residential dining halls over the next week,” Martin wrote in an email. “Aquahealth is filtered water flavored with fruits and, in some cases, enhanced with vitamins.”

In some Houses, the machines—which offer flavors like lemon and cucumber—were installed alongside existing still and sparkling water machines.

There’s Something In The Water
HUDS recently added infused water machines to their beverage options in the college dining halls.

Martin wrote that the lack of counter space in Pforzheimer led them to move the regular water machine to Cabot House, where it replaced the irreparable regular water machine. However, she added that Pforzheimer residents can still get plain filtered water from the soda machine.

Students for the most part welcomed the change to what is normally a staid choice.

"It makes me drink more water, since it’s more tempting to try the new flavors. From a health perspective, it’s a good thing,” Leah U. Rosen ’19 said.

Renee Friedman ’19 said she didn’t notice the change at first, but, upon seeing the new machine, said it was a good addition to the available beverage options.

"I think it's really neat that they're expanding and trying new things,” she said.

Some students were wary of the unfamiliar choices, but were still curious to try it nonetheless.

"I haven't tried it yet. I go for the regular water, since it’s more dependable for me,” said Lyra Wanzer ’19. “But I’m trying it this meal—look!"

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