Students Cheer on as Patriots Take Historic Super Bowl Win

Super Bowl Watch Party
Students watch the New England Patriots face the Atlanta Falcons at a Super Bowl watch party in Quincy House on Sunday evening.
Snacking on buffalo wings and sipping beers, football fans across campus crowded around common room TVs to watch the New England Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons in an unprecedented 34-28 overtime upset in the fifty-first Super Bowl Sunday night.

After an annual Super Bowl-themed dinner of wings and quesadillas in the dining halls, some students put problem sets and readings aside for the evening and gathered at House Committee parties to watch the game. For the roughly 30 students streaming the game in the Quincy Junior Common Room, the Patriots’ game-winning touchdown drive sparked an outpouring of cheers and hugs.

“We’re the legend, man,” said Mike A. Skerrett ’18, a Boston native. “I never counted them out.”

For a majority of the game, though, things were not looking good for the Patriots. Early in the game, the Falcons took a commanding 28-3 lead, leaving Patriots fans across campus dispirited.

“We were pretty worried that there was going to be a blowout by the Falcons,” said Danny L. Rodriguez ‘18. “We watched the first three minutes, went upstairs to do some homework, and then the game ended up turning around.”

Super Bowl Celebrations
Quincy Faculty Dean Deborah J. Gehrke sprays champagne on students in the Quincy Courtyard on Sunday night in celebration of the New England Patriot’s Super Bowl LI overtime upset.


Led by quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots stormed back and put up 25 consecutive points, forcing the game into overtime with 57 seconds left on the clock. A coin flip in New England's favor to begin overtime all but sealed the team’s fifth Super Bowl victory.

At House Committee parties in most of the upperclassman Houses, the mood was celebratory—for some more than others.

“It’s super cool to see such a good turnout and everyone here just being together to watch the game,” said Allison D. Oliva ’18, a Quincy House Committee co-chair and Falcons fan.

Steven S.K. Hao ’18, a former Crimson Arts editor, said that the Super Bowl is “the only football game” he watches.

“I don’t have an allegiance to either team,” Hao said at the beginning of the fourth quarter. “Since I’m here in Boston, I would be slightly more happy with a win from the Patriots, but I wouldn’t be crushed or elated either way.”

Students at the Quincy viewing party ended the night with an impromptu champagne shower with the Quincy Faculty Dean Deborah J. Gehrke in the courtyard.

“I feel so vindicated considering our blockmate decided to spend the entire game trash talking the Patriots,” said Hansy D. Piou ’18 in the midst of the post-game celebration. “It’s a good night.”

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