A Comprehensive Guide to 'Black Mirror,' Season Four

Just in case 2017 was too light on existential fear, “Black Mirror” handed us one last dose of technology paranoia before the year was over. The long-awaited fourth season of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series hit Netflix on December 29. From helicopter parents to space opera to Tinder, Season Four covered a variety of bases. We break down the season, episode by episode:

USS Callister
Episode 1, Grace Z. Li

Quite possibly the best episode of Season Four, "USS Callister" reminds us how narratives are meant to be read, reread, revised, and sometimes tossed away in hyperwarp. Read more.


Episode 2, Grace Z. Li

Rather than being a full exploration of the complications of protective instincts and rebellious teenagehood, “Arkangel” comes off as more of a warning label for helicopter parenting. Read more.

Episode 3, Grace Z. Li

“Crocodile” is all gore and shock with no substance. Aside from some dreamy shots of Icelandic scenery, it’s dull watching Mia descend into her linear, murderous path. Read more.

Hang the DJ
Episode 4, Caroline A. Tsai

Though the show has garnered a reputation for its handling of dark, controversial subject matter, Season Four dips a toe into somewhat uncharted territory: happy, or at least hopeful, endings. Read more.

Episode 5, Caroline A. Tsai

Despite Peake’s vivid acting, there’s frankly nothing enjoyable about the monotony of survival when the outcome is so transparently futile. Read more.

Black Museum
Episode 6, Caroline A. Tsai

“Black Museum” is the show at its most self-referential, a throwback kind of fan service. It’s a treat for dedicated viewers of the show, but tends to rely on tried-and-true tropes of episodes past. Read more.

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