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Caroline A. Tsai

Caroline A. Tsai is the Arts Chair of the 146th Guard. She can be reached at

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What the Hell Happened: Harry Styles and the Eroda Conspiracy

Nietzsche was wrong. God is very much alive, and his name is Harry Styles.

‘Last Christmas’ Has No Pulse

The film situates itself somewhere at the nexus of Hallmark holiday schmaltz and Paul Feigian black comedy, saccharine romantic comedy fare and posthumous George Michael publicity material.

Me Too panel image

Ashley Judd, Jodi Kantor, and Megan Twohey in conversation with NPR's Carrie Johnson at the First Parish Church.

Tragedy, Tyranny, and Designer Costumes: A Conversation on ‘The Politician’ with Ben Platt and Julia Schlaepfer

Seated at a polished wooden table in the Boston Athenaeum, Ben Platt, star of Netflix's "The Politician," was joined by co-star Julia Schlaepfer, who plays his character's First Lady-esque girlfriend Alice Charles, to discuss the new show.