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Thank u, next

‘thank u, next’ is a Brutally Kind Diss Track

Grande puts a new spin on that tradition by lifting the veil and dropping names. She doesn’t want to be excluded from that narrative. She wants to write it herself.

First Man Photo

In ‘First Man,’ Triumph for White Male Dreams

When you only care about the First Man, it seems, there’s no room for anyone else.

SNL Silhouette
Arts Blog

Unpopular Opinion: Saturday Night Live, Kavanaugh, and Who Gets to Laugh

A joke has power. It matters who’s in on it, and who’s outside of it.

Caroline Tsai

The Start of Something New

There are few films that can unite a generation as ubiquitously as “High School Musical.”

The Incendiaries Cover

In ‘The Incendiaries,’ Radical Religion and Romance Collide

At 210 pages, “The Incendiaries” is a compact novel, but Kwon packs it with sublime detail and fully fleshed-out characters, whose richly imagined inner lives lend their intricate story a haunted depth.

'Support the Girls' still

'Support the Girls' a Big-Hearted Dramedy

A tacky breastaurant becomes the unlikely site of solidarity and sisterhood.

Providence Cover

‘Providence’ Destined for Mediocrity

Kepnes’s novel, which is inspired by and often directly alludes to “The Dunwich Horror,” comes as an ersatz replication of Lovecraft’s delicately wrought horror fiction.

'Ocean's 8' still

'Ocean's 8' Steals the Jewels—But Not the Show

"Ocean's 8" is a 3D-printed zirconium model of what it could have been: Exciting, but just not the real thing.

'Hot Summer Nights' still

‘Hot Summer Nights’ Is a Surprisingly Conventional Teen Melodrama

“Hot Summer Nights” has the makings of a promising drama, but it's obviously imagined by an adult who wants to sit with the cool kids.

'Euforia' still

From Cannes: ‘Euforia’ Misplaces Humor, Undercuts Tragedy

Italian director Valeria Golino turns her film into a bloodless pseudo-comedy that handles its very serious subjects with flippant, misplaced humor.

'Shoplifters' still

From Cannes: ‘Manbiki Kazoku’ (‘Shoplifters’) A Heartbreaking Look at Family

Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda gently teases out the truth, until the Shibata family reveals the dark secrets that bind them together.

'Un Couteau dans le Coeur' still

From Cannes: ‘Un Couteau dans le Coeur’ (‘Knife + Heart’) Takes Little Death to Fatal Extremes

“Un Couteau dans le Coeur” tries to achieve some semblance of self-awareness, a sly wink at its own garish kitsch in neon lettering. But unlike Anne’s pornography, the film never reaches its—ahem—climax.

'Cold War' still

From Cannes: ‘Zimna wojna’ (‘Cold War’) a Bleak Love Story

Without seeming resolute or preachy, Pawlikowski’s “Cold War” is a clarion call for the enduring power of love in a bleak time.

'Under the Silver Lake' still

From Cannes: ‘Under the Silver Lake’ a Psychedelic, Pedantic Story of Los Angeles Folklore

Mitchell’s imagery simmers evocatively, refreshingly trippy—though it all seems to gesture at a statement that he hasn’t clarified, even to himself, like a string of blissed-out, drug-addled musings he scribbled while half-asleep.

Han Solo still

From Cannes: Han Flies ‘Solo’ in New Star Wars Spin-Off

Han Solo is the hero who wants to be the anti-hero, the pilot who wants to fly solo but secretly needs a fleet.