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Parisian Dingos

Wrestling with Dingos

"I found it ironic when people wistfully sighed that French was 'the most beautiful language.' To me, listening to a French sentence was like trying to wrestle a wild animal: an act of pure struggle."


'Black Mirror': In 'Metalhead,' Bleak Survival is No Fun

The final image is meant to a kind of symbolic Turing test, but it’s a tough sell after forty minutes of bloodlust.​​

"Hang the DJ"

'Black Mirror': 'Hang the DJ' Takes On Modern Romance

The course of true love never did run smooth, but it sure packed a punch.​

"Black Museum"

'Black Mirror': 'Black Museum' Rehashes Old Tropes, But Nothing New

“Black Museum” seems to be “White Christmas” Part II, an unwanted sequel.

"Melodrama" by Lorde

Top Five Lorde Songs

In 2017, the release of Lorde’s sophomore album “Melodrama” after a three-year hiatus revived the relevance of the pop prodigy in the national spotlight—and on a personal level.

Cristin Milloti in "USS Callister"

A Comprehensive Guide to 'Black Mirror,' Season Four

Just in case 2017 was too light on existential fear, “Black Mirror” handed us one last dose of technology paranoia before the year was over.

"Cat Person"

‘Cat Person’ Should Make You Uncomfortable

Fiction is supposed to identify what makes us human.


Greta Gerwig On Why We Need Women in Film

“This year has been an amazing year for women in film,” Greta Gerwig says.

Caroline A. Tsai

Arts Vanity: Why I Disappeared, A Thrilling Exposé by Taylor A. Swift

"If only I weren’t so damn recognizable! Fame is exhausting," Caroline A. Tsai writes in her satirical imagination of the love life of Taylor Swift.


Music Video Breakdown: '…Ready For It?' by Taylor Swift

Thank God we have a feminist icon out here calling the shots!

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry Styles plays at the Wang Theater in Boston.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles Rocks His First Solo Tour

Last Saturday, Styles played the sixth concert of his first solo tour at the Wang Theater, five months after the release of his self-titled debut album.


‘Battle of the Sexes’ Scores a Point for Feminism

The year is 1973. Flare sleeves and bell bottoms are in. Nixon is president. And Billie Jean King has just defeated self-proclaimed male chauvinist Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes, an exhibition tennis match that represents a monumental triumph for women in the world of sports, and will, in 44 years, get a film adaptation in a world both very different and very similar.


Unpopular Opinion: Youtube Beauty Bloggers

Their version of adulthood is glamorous, yes, but also glamorized. There’s a mentality surrounding YouTube stars, and celebrity culture in general, that these lifestyles are somehow ideal lives worthy of aspiration.

The Weird

‘The Weird’ Harnesses the Bizarre to Illuminate the Political

“The Weird” is predictably, well, weird.