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'Big Little Lies' - 'What Have They Done?' image

‘What Have They Done?’: ‘Big Little Lies’ Second Season Has Yet to Justify Itself

Despite its Avengers-like assembly of Hollywood’s best and brightest, “Big Little Lies” has yet to justify its second season, beyond wanting to strike it rich.

'Big Little Lies' - 'Tell-Tale Heart' image

‘Tell-Tale Heart’: ‘Big Little Lies’ Adds Yet Another Mother to the Mix

First Mary Louise, now Elizabeth… Is this town just one festering cesspool of mommy issues?

'Always Be My Maybe' still

‘Always Be My Maybe’ Is a Rom-Com for the Subtle Asian Traits Generation

“Always Be My Maybe” bears the slight, bitter tinge of Netflix Original mediocrity, that banal air of capitalistically motivated art.

'Extremely Wicked' blog picture

What the Hell Happened: Hey Hollywood, Stop Casting Attractive Hollywood Actors as Serial Killers

What’s most criminal about “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” is not its missing Oxford comma, but instead the casting of its lead actor.


Music Video Breakdown: ‘ME!’ by Taylor Swift

In her reputation (pun intended) for bland, white feminism and controversial feuds involving certain rappers, Taylor Swift has had her share of unsavory political faux pas.

Outside the Artists' Entrance at the Palais de Festivals in Cannes.

Cannes Special Edition: Journalists Archetypes

The Cannes Film Festival attracts a number of eccentric types of journalists. Here, Crimson Cannes correspondents break them down.

Cannes Day 6

Cannes Day 6

Waiting outside the Palais for "Once Upon a Hollywood." Spoiler alert: We didn't get in.

Red carpet

Why Olivia Munn Was Wrong About Go Fug Yourself — Or Was She?

At what point does celebrity fashion critique target not just the clothes, but the body of the wearer?

Reimagine ‘Asian’: Defying Stereotypes and Celebrating Identity in Media and Popular Culture image
Ed School

‘Owning the Space That You’re In’: ‘Kim’s Convenience’ and ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Cast Members Talk Asian Representation

Following a landmark year for heightened Asian representation in film and television, the actors acknowledged that both sitcoms carry a special weight in the media landscape.

‘Captain Marvel’ still

‘Captain Marvel’ Is About a Woman. That’s Not the Point.

Idealizing "Captain Marvel" as an answer to a long-standing feminist question feels incorrect, but so does disparaging it as inconsequential.

'Heard It In a Past Life'

The Reinvention of Maggie Rogers in ‘Heard It In A Past Life’

“Heard It In A Past Life” is a testament to Maggie Rogers’ patient commitment to authenticity. And it is luminously, ridiculously, singularly good.

Oscar nominations 2019 image

Surprises and Snubs: An Overview of the 2019 Oscar Nominations

It’s a genuine toss-up as to which film will take home the award for Best Picture this year, with no apparent frontrunner.

You Know You Want This Cover

‘You Know You Want This’ Offers Shock Value — But Not Much Else

Roupenian insists that we want this, we know we want this. But is it too much to ask for a little bit more?

'Bird Box' still

'Bird Box' is the 'Quiet Place' Knock-Off You Can't Unsee

Being a genre movie is a forgivable transgression if done well. Yet it’s quickly clear that "Bird Box" can’t even sketch the contours of its own worldbuilding.

Golden Globes 2019

Representation Isn’t Enough: Hollywood’s Diversity Problem on Display at the Golden Globes

The Time’s Up movement's ribbon bracelets felt inadvertently symbolic: Even the most energized movements, if they lose momentum, can become accessory.