Roving Reporter: 'The Square' at the ICA

The Square
On Feb.16, patrons flocked to the Institute of Contemporary Art for a special evening showing of “The Square,” an Oscar-nominated Swedish film starring Claes Bang and Elisabeth Moss. It is a satirical take on managing a contemporary art museum much like the ICA. While many of the audience members went into the film not knowing much about its content or quality, most, if not all, of them left profoundly affected and pleased that the ICA provides opportunities to see content like “The Square.”

Leslie J. Carter and Michael G. Lindquind, audience members

RR: What did you think of the movie?

LJC: I thought it was interesting. I didn’t really come into it knowing what to expect.

MGL: Yeah, I was expecting awkwardness. I saw his other film. It was very good, and it had a very similar vibe—really crisp aesthetics but a lot of awkward situations. I liked it. I feel like I’m still processing it.


LJC : It definitely plays on on our reactions and emotions.

RR: Have you guys seen any of the other Oscar-nominated films?

MGL: I saw “Call Me By Your Name.” I think that’s nominated for an Oscar.

LJC: I saw “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” I just saw that yesterday.

MGL: Did you like it?

LJC: Yes, definitely. It’s disturbing and, you know, not the best sides of humanity.

Jenna L. Pollack, audience member

RR: What did you think about “The Square?”

JLP: I am still processing, and yet my immediate reaction is that it was gratuitous and uncomfortable to the point of not accomplishing anything.

RR: Have you seen any other Oscar-nominated films?

JLP: I have not, but when the film ended I immediately turned to my friend, and said that I needed to shower, and I couldn’t believe that was nominated for an Oscar.


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