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What’s Up with A Review of CollegeHumor’s New Venture

CollegeHumor seems to be trying to buck against the trend as it attempts to take its internet producers along with it by launching this new streaming venture.


Comics Unfiltered: Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo

At its core, the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo is a celebration of independent comics and the freedom associated with owning your work.

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Adventures in New America Cover
Arts Blog

‘Adventures in New America’ is a Masterful Blend of Societal Critique and Absurdity

“Adventures in New America” will turn heads and start conversation, not only because of the show’s embrace of the absurd but also because of its desire to make a clear social statement and explore the black identity today.

A Banksy mural in Berlin, Germany.
Arts Blog

What the Hell Happened: Banksy Shreds His Painting

Despite the hoopla surrounding the self-destruction of the piece, there doesn’t appear to be any deeper meeting.

On Campus

Roving Reporter: Harvard Student Late Night

Since its inception in 2015, the event has proven massively popular with Harvard students from every field whether it was their first or their tenth time in the museum.

"A Bag of Marbles" Still

'A Bag of Marbles' a Worthy Addition to the Holocaust Story Tradition

Ultimately, “A Bag of Marbles” highlights that even in great hardship, one can still find and enjoy times of happiness, love, and lightheartedness, a testament to Jewish resilience during the Holocaust.

The Crossing ABC

‘The Crossing’ Makes a Lot of Promises, But With No Sign of Fulfillment

The pilot of “The Crossing” provides a lot of questions, but it fails to define the context in which these questions exist. Moving forward, the series will need to do a lot of world-building and character development for any of its revelations to have some weight.

Love, Simon Still

From Page to Screen ‘Love, Simon’ Forgets It’s a Coming Out Story

Whereas, in “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda,” Simon learns to accept himself with his newly realized sexuality, in “Love, Simon,” Simon learns to accept himself despite his sexuality.

Children of Blood and Bone Cover

‘Children of Blood and Bone’ Continues to Revolutionize Stories We Tell

Tomi Adeyemi’s “Children of Blood and Bone” is an enthralling tale that will revolutionize the perceptions of YA and fantasy literature.


‘Waitress’: Jovial But Generic

While Tony-winning director Diane Paulus leads an entertaining show, “Waitress” is not incredibly impressive and falls short of the expectations popular buzz has given it.

The Square
On Campus

Roving Reporter: 'The Square' at the ICA

"What was so great about this film showing is that it was making fun of contemporary art in a contemporary art museum.”

Joel McHale Show Netflix

‘The Joel McHale Show’’s Topical Potential Is Undermined by Shoddy Writing and Annoying Marketing

The video compiler for “The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale” needs to be given a large bonus for being the sole saving grace in the otherwise lousy production of this new Netflix comedy show.

Queer Eye Netflix Photo

‘Queer Eye’ Reminds Us That Love Is Universal

While the producers of “Queer Eye” stated that the show’s purpose is “to turn Red States pink”, the show accomplishes far more than that. The show emphasizes our commonality and reaffirms that, despite the divisions of today, we are all human.

Konrad Klapheck
On Campus

Contending With Germany’s Complex Post-WWII Art History in ‘Inventur’ Lecture

The artist struck an emotional chord with the audience in the packed lecture hall—and through the simulcast—about the personal tragedy that affected his art.