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Mason P. Sands

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‘Adventures in New America’ is a Masterful Blend of Societal Critique and Absurdity

“Adventures in New America” will turn heads and start conversation, not only because of the show’s embrace of the absurd but also because of its desire to make a clear social statement and explore the black identity today.

'A Bag of Marbles' a Worthy Addition to the Holocaust Story Tradition

Ultimately, “A Bag of Marbles” highlights that even in great hardship, one can still find and enjoy times of happiness, love, and lightheartedness, a testament to Jewish resilience during the Holocaust.

‘The Crossing’ Makes a Lot of Promises, But With No Sign of Fulfillment

The pilot of “The Crossing” provides a lot of questions, but it fails to define the context in which these questions exist. Moving forward, the series will need to do a lot of world-building and character development for any of its revelations to have some weight.