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By Amy Y. Li
Represented by the ever-copulating rabbit, it’s no wonder that Leverett is the House with the largest population.
By Linda Lee

Represented by the ever-copulating rabbit, it’s no wonder that Leverett is the House with the largest population. When Leverites aren’t snacking on their famous homemade monkey bread, you can usually find them pset-ing with other students who frequent Leverett for their physics and math nights. Even if you don’t end up being housed in Lev, you’re going to want to know the essential details. Chances are, you’ll find yourself in this sleek River House more often than not.

By Lydia L. Cawley

All About Housing

Because of its large student population, Leverett offers a wide variety of buildings and room layouts to choose from. Residents are split between the Towers (two apartment-esque buildings overlooking the Charles River in a separate courtyard from the House proper), the recently-renovated McKinlock Hall, and DeWolfe St. apartments. Its proximity to the Charles means that some suites in Leverett can enjoy breathtaking sunsets over everyone’s favorite river. Are you ready for an Instagram feed full of #views?

But if all that doesn’t endear you to the House, then know this: Lev is unique in that it allows its rising sophomores to pick their rooms before leaving for the summer, as opposed to some Houses which randomly assign sophomore blocking groups into housing. In an case, if you prefer spacious common rooms and comfy suites, then housing won’t be an issue for you if your future is in Leverett House.


You won’t have to worry about finding friends in Lev: probability is in your favor. This House truly prides itself on catering to its size with its multitude of social spaces, and its connection to DeWolfe. Leverites never have to stress about space when they have the Library Theater to study in, McKinlock to chill in, or the G-Hutch to unwind in.

According to HoCo co-chair Ben I. Sorkin ’20, Leverett, with its courtyard and spacious seminar space known as the light-court, is an open House that truly facilitates a warm community of socializing and bonding.

In the words of HoCo co-chair Steffan B. Paul ’19, Leverett is a “cute” community. There are always new faces to bump into, whether it’s on the elevator or in the wide, spacious dining hall that doubles as a large common space for all residents—and even non-residents. Leverett is a hub of social activity among the River Houses due to its math and physics nights, when students get together to complete psets in Lev’s dining hall.

This year, Leverett is undergoing a change in its Faculty Deans, so there’s potential for new traditions and customs. Historically, Lev is famous for its homemade monkey bread recipe and Spring Formal, but the House is planning some exciting new events, including a new party, Down the Rabbit Hole.

Your Questions, Answered

If you’re still unsure about what Leverett has to offer, fear not. We made sure to ask the HoCo chairs any burning questions that are sure to make you excited for your future home:

What would you say is the biggest misconception about your House?

SP: Sometimes, people like to throw around that Leverett doesn’t have a community because it’s so large, and I think that’s something that we really work to create. I do think there’s a lot of community, and I think there’s a lot of work put in to create it. Sometimes it’s hard to access it if you live in a different building from everybody else, but there will be people trying to hang out with you and be friendly with you every step of the way.

BS: I think a misconception that I had about Lev was that it’s hard to find a home here. I think that if you really put yourself out there and try to meet one new person in the dining hall, one new person in the elevator on the way up...people in the House are really friendly and outgoing and want to make this place a home.

If you could change one thing about Lev, what would it be and why?

SP: I would change our tray return system.

BS: Yes.

SP: For some gosh-darn reason, the tray return alcove is so narrow—

BS: It [allows just] one person at a time.

SP: Yeah, that’s just an architectural problem. That has nothing to do with the community, but that would be gold if we could change that.

Any last words to freshmen?

SP: We have a lot of f*cking bunnies. Not bunnies f*cking. Just a lot [of] bunnies.

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