Kirkland House

By Mirac M. Suzgun
This small, close-knit House with a boar mascot is anything but boar-ing. From Secret Santa to the Kirkland Drama Society, K-House is full of homely cheer.
By Cindy Li

This small, close-knit House with a boar mascot is anything but boar-ing. From Secret Santa to the Kirkland Drama Society, K-House is full of homely cheer. And good luck finding a House with this many adorable pups. Read on to find out more about the quirkiest of Houses.

By Lydia L. Cawley

All About Housing

Sophomores, lucking into a spirited House in such a prime location comes with a few’ll most likely be in n-1 rooms. But not all is lost, rooms get better the older you are. As far as bigger suites go, Kirkland has two 10-mans! One is located in B Entryway and the other in E Entryway. We’re not saying they are party suites or anything...but we have a tendency to believe that a party in a 10-man suite would be 10/10.

When it comes to dining, Kirkland knows what’s up. The House is small enough to share a kitchen with Eliot, so you know the food is good. Kirkland’s dhall is a cozy location to enjoy your meals, a drastic change from Annenberg’s extremely long tables where you could wind up sitting at the same table as your first awkward hookup, your roommate’s ex-boyfriend, and the kid in your section that you lowkey hated. It’s snug and intimate, with small tables just large enough to catch a meal with your closest buds. Plus, you will see no ugly napkin holders on the tables because Kirkland is classy like that.


If housed in Kirkland, get ready for a variety of fun and quirky traditions and events! To name just a few, Kirkland is known for its garden parties, sophomore outing, Kirkland Drama Society, and Stein clubs.

However, one of its most distinct traditions is its annual Secret Santa, which takes place the last week of the fall semester. Students choose how hard they want to go, on a scale of one to six, are matched accordingly, and then spend the week doing nice (and occasionally crazy) things for their Secret Santas that can include anything from hiring a band to serenade them, to renting a pup to play with for a few hours.

The Kirkland community is one of the tightest around, a fact proven by the annual Holiday Dinner where the whole House gets together for a magnificent meal before the Winter Formal. At this dinner, the seniors give speeches on why they love Kirkland. Talk about an undying House bond. Oh, and Incest Fest is a thing.

Your Questions, Answered

We enjoyed a cozy conversation with Kirkland HoCo co-chair Anne K. Mills ‘19 to find out what else makes Kirkland so cozy:

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Kirkland’s House spirit? Why?

AM: 10! We are the House with the most spirit. For the past 10 years, we’ve been the first House to put our flag on John Harvard on Housing Day!

What do you think of Kirkland’s location on River West? Pros? Cons?

AM: Kirkland has an amazing location which brings me to a pro and con that are the same: Kirkland’s proximity to El Jefe’s.

If Kirkland was a fruit, what fruit would it be and why?

AM: Kirkland would be grapes because there are so many different pockets of things to love about it!

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