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‘Amigos’ Single Review: Becky G & BIBI Seamlessly Blend Cultures

4 Stars

"Amigos" by BIBI and Becky G was released on Nov. 17.
"Amigos" by BIBI and Becky G was released on Nov. 17. By Courtesy of BIBI / Becky G / 88 Rising / RCA Records
By Roberto C. Quesada, Contributing Writer

One of the best parts of living in the age of globalization is that artists from around the world can collaborate in ways they never have before. While there have been Korean and English crossovers before, as well as English and Spanish crossovers such as TUSA by Karol G and Nicki Minaj, there is a whole new wave of Spanish and Korean songs coming out. This mixing of cultures is evident in the latest song by Becky G and BIBI: “Amigos.” This song marks a fusion of cultural and musical elements, merging together three cultures — those of Latin America, the United States, and South Korea — into a single track.

Becky G’s mostly Spanish performance in this track embodies the lively spirit of Latin music. Her lyrics are playful, suggesting to a romantic partner that their relationship should be kept under tabs. She describes how much she enjoys her lover’s presence, but asks them to tell the boss that they are only friends if they ever ask.

BIBI impressively enters the song in Korean so smoothly that the line between where Spanish ends and Korean starts on the song can be a little blurry on the first listen. For instance, when Becky G finishes singing the chorus with the phrase “amigos na’ mas,” BIBI comes in and seamlessly continues the flow. BIBI compliments Becky G’s components of the song, asking her lover to “keep it secret” and using suggestive lyrics to imply that she is infatuated with them.

Musically, the song combines Latin rhymes with K-pop influences. The Latin guitar riffs and electronic dance music elements common to K-pop make the track suitable for more relaxing situations as well as for dancing.

Becky G’s sultry and confident vocal delivery compliments BIBI’s playful style. Their voices blend seamlessly, showcasing their versatility in different musical styles.

“AMIGOS” has a powerful cover, depicting Becky G standing next to BIBI in a green, retro car. This strong sense of female power and friendship is reflected in the music video, where Becky G and BIBI are driving together, imbuing the track with an additional layer of meaning. While “Amigos,” or “Friends” in English, is used in the lyrics when Becky G asks her lover to tell her boss that they are only friends, it also reflects that Becky G and BIBI are friends despite their cultural and musical barriers. This choice was valuable and the double layer reflects the importance of blending distinct musical styles. However, the song could have benefited had the lyrics had some connection to this interpretation of the word “Friends.” As it stands, it is only implied in the cover and song title.

As the music industry becomes more diverse and allows singers of different backgrounds to collaborate and fuse their styles, songs will only continue to become more unique and dynamic. Becky G’s Latino and United States background combine with BIBI’s Korean roots to create a catchy and seductive song. “Amigos” serves as a celebration of the world’s diversity and showcases the possibilities when artists from around the world come together.

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