An Exhaustive List of Places to Snooze

Students whose beds are far from the YardQuadlings and residents of far-flung River Housessometimes bemoan their lack of opportunities to nap between classes. If you face this problem, worry no more. We here at Flyby have compiled a list of some of the best places on campus to catch some Zs.

Lamont Library

Open 24 hours on weekdays, Lamont is a popular spot to nap (intentionally or unintentionally). You'll be in good company as you snore in an armchair or drool over your laptop in a cubicle. But beware! What begins as a private snooze might be documented on one of Harvard’s creepier websites, "Sleeping at Lamont."

Cabot Science Library

Located next door to the Greenhouse Café and in close proximity to some of Harvard's biggest lecture halls, this library's comfy leather couches and armchairs offer welcome respite for sleep-deprived pre-med students.

The Barker Center

For some variety, exchange Cabot's science concentrators for the Barker Center's humanities crowd. As long as there are no scheduled lectures, the Thompson Room, equipped with enough couches for a horde of exhausted students, on the first floor is a perfect spot to doze.

Law School Library

The Law School Library has two distinct advantages for exhausted students, graduate and undergraduate alike. First, the library staff doesn't check your bag on the way out, allowing for a speedy exit should you oversleep. The fourth floor also offers a collection of comfortable bean bag chairs which are perfect for a midday snooze—or an overnight stay in desperate situations.

Ticknor Lounge

Do you ever worry about waking up for a 9 a.m. language class after working all night on a paper or problem set? Skip your bed and instead grab a quick nap in Boylston's Ticknor Lounge, where the bustle of students arriving at 9:07 a.m. will serve as the perfect wake up call.

The Shuttle

After a long night working (a.k.a. napping) in Lamont, most Quadlings are ready to catch the shuttle and head home to their beds. Don't miss out on one last opportunity to nod off—on the shuttle itself. Depending on the hour, the shuttle might be crowded enough to allow you to sleep standing up, or so empty that you can stretch out over an entire row. Don't worry if you oversleep; the shuttle will return to your stop every half-hour.

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