Flyby Tries: Sleepover in Lamont Library

To answer the question every Harvard student wants to know: Is Lamont better than Cabot? The answer: yes! If you’re looking for a place to study until the sun rises, Lamont is the place for you. The couches are comfy (so you don’t need a sleeping bag or pillows to stay cozy), the lighting creates an ambiance, and there will always be another mysterious room for you to explore.

Construction on Lamont

The fourth floor of Lamont Library is undergoing construction.

Drop Lamont, Study Better

Studying in your room is impossible when you have a bed right there calling your name. And stop lying to yourself—you’re not getting any work done in Lamont Cafe. So, as finals season creeps toward us, scope out some of these alternative study spaces.


A sticker for the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers reads “Solidarity-Negotiation-Progress” near the bag-checking station at Lamont Library on Nov. 10. 2015.

Which Humanities Theses Are Fake and Which Are Real?

​As hard as it is to research an obscure thesis topic for months and write it up in a meager 100 or so pages, titling said thesis is likely the hardest part of the whole endeavor. The more esoteric the topic, the more amusing the title (we assume). FM scoured Lamont’s shelves to find the most entertaining humanities thesis titles. We threw in a few of our own creations just to keep you on your toes. Happy guessing! And if you wrote one of these...Well, you’ve got at least one question right by default!

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