And the Parodies Continue


Housing Day videos have traditionally drawn from popular culture to entertain freshmen, but recent videos seem to have begun a trend to look toward more eclectic sources for inspiration.

Mather has released its first housing video: "Mather Shore." That's right, Mather is using a "Jersey Shore" theme to convince freshmen that the infamous cement House is where they want to end up. On the other hand, who doesn't like hours of partying and GTL?

Eliot also parodies an MTV program in their latest video, which is based on the dating show "Next." Of course, the main character "Eliot" proves to be the classiest guy in the end.

Cabot's newest video "Cabot Singles" advertises the House's abundance of singles. In fact, the House is so confident in its "made by America" singles that unsatisfied residents can file a complaint to the House. However, while they may pay attention to that complaint, other pressing forms like transfer requests are often ignored.

Currier attempts to fight the negativity associated with Housing Day videos in "Free Currier." Instead of telling freshmen that all other Houses are losers, the video explains why each House is a winner via backhanded compliments. The video concludes with a poor adaptation of "Free Bird," perhaps done to mock the over-the-top and elaborate housing videos that many Houses produce.

Dunster has finally released a full length video: "The Dunster Network." The video parodies—you guessed it—"The Social Network," comparing getting Dunster House to the founding of Facebook. It's not blocking drama until your best friend sues you for millions of dollars.

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