Dunster House Deans Axe Annual Goat Roast

Bringing an end to a decades-old Dunster House tradition, Faculty Deans Cheryl K. Chen and Sean D. Kelly canceled the main event of the House’s annual goat roast: the skinning and barbecuing of a locally sourced goat in the courtyard.

With New Winthrop Grille, Mozz Stick Market Heats Up

“If you want to add Nutella, peanut butter, and Oreos to your milkshake, go ahead. If you wanna add Nutella to your grilled cheese, possibly also go ahead.”

Dunster Moose

Victor C. Agbafe ’19 carries a fellow Dunster resident, dressed as the House mascot - the moose - on his shoulders outside University Hall ahead of delivering housing assignments to freshmen.

Winthrop, Dunster, Dudley Begin Searches for New Resident Deans

Two upperclassmen residential Houses—Dunster and Winthrop—as well as the non-residential Dudley House are searching for new resident deans this spring.

Dunster House

Dunster is among three Houses currently searching for new Allston Burr Assistant Deans.

Faculty Deans Provide Food

Students partake in a study break hosted by the Dunster faculty deans which featured make-your-own-guacamole, croissants, and more. As the strike continues, many Houses are hosting such events to supplement their students’ diets.

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