Fourteen UC Representatives Elected in Midterms

Thirty-four people ran for 14 open positions on the Council, but some students who won elections were write-in candidates on the ballot. The Council was not able to declare a winner in one contest, in Cabot House, because the election ended in a tie.

Cabot Cafe

Students gather for Cabot Cafe’s housewarming, enjoying brownies, cookies, and drinks on Sunday night.

In Second Year, Sophomore Orientations Expands to Three More Houses

​Orientation is an experience typically reserved for freshmen, but an increasing number of upperclassman Houses are welcoming back sophomores early for their own version of the transition process.


<p> Surrounding the beautiful and exclusive Quad (country club) Lawn, Cabot House is likely to give you the single and spacious suites you have yearned for since orientation week. If that’s still not enough, the “Nutella-me-more,” a latte with nutella, will pull you in for sure. </p>

Learning from Failure

John S. Acton ’17 speaks at the HCFA “You Are More” open mic in Cabot Cafe Wednesday about a time he failed to bring his Bible trivia team to victory. Acton and other HCFA members gathered to share stories of personal failures and how they learned from them.

Cabot Administrators Discuss Sexual Assault As Lawsuit Continues

Cabot House held an off-the-record conversation Sunday night—billed by Cabot Faculty Deans Rakesh Khurana and Stephanie R. Khurana​ as a “continued dialogue” about sexual assault and harassment—nearly two weeks after a House alumna alleged administrators dealt poorly with her reported case of sexual assault.

Student Creates App to Track HUDS Grill Orders

An application developed by a Harvard undergraduate will allow students to place dining hall grill orders remotely through their electronic devices in order to reduce crowding and save time for students.

Recent Graduate Sues Harvard Over Sexual Harassment Case

A recent Harvard College graduate filed a lawsuit against Harvard University, charging that College and University administrators mishandled a response to her sexual harassment case and allowed an alleged perpetrator to live in Cabot House with her.

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