Harvard Dismisses Three Students from Dorms After September Indoor Party

Harvard sent home three freshmen living in Mather House last weekend after finding that they hosted a party in the house with at least three other guests last month, according to five freshmen on campus with knowledge of the matter.

MASC David Jud 2

David Jud is a resident tutor at Mather House. Together with Harvard chaplain Adam L. Dyer, he founded “The Masc”, the first organization on campus created to discuss and address questions about masculinity.

Mather Pilots App Designed to Connect House Residents

Meet Mather, an app designed to connect Mather House residents, launched this past week in conjunction with several house-wide events to celebrate the app’s release.

Alan Hark in Action

Alan Hark uses a bevel-rubbing push cut to shape a student's Bigleaf maple bowl.

Federal Complaint Alleges Harvard’s Decision to Place Former Student on Leave Violated Americans with Disabilities Act

Harvard currently faces a complaint filed with the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights alleging the College’s 2018 decision to place former student Ty Pelton-Byce ’20 on a mandatory leave of absence constituted disability-based discrimination.

United in Anger

Students remember their support network as a collection of individual people and places at Harvard — a makeshift community of clubs, specific houses, professors, and proctors — rather than a cohesive institutional effort.

Tuberculosis Suspect Case Released, No Other Cases Found

A Mather House resident suspected of having tuberculosis has been released from self-isolation after two weeks.

After Possible Tuberculosis Infection, Health Officials Investigate Mather House

Although tuberculosis is spread airborne, Barreira’s email stressed that the disease is not highly contagious.

Mather House

Mather House is located at 10 Cowperthwaite Street.

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