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Harvard seems to have a blog for everything: first and foremost Flyby for news on the go, Harvard FML for complaining about life, books&liquor for proof that fashion really can be found on campus, isawyouharvard for general creepiness, and more. This summer, however, three juniors created a new blog called ivyfed, which addresses "eating, dressing, and living well," according to their website.

"[Ivyfed] fills in the blanks for Harvard media and culture," said Georgia V. Stasinopoulos '13, one of the three bloggers.

Ivyfed was started this summer by Stasinopoulos, Jasmine Y. Miller '13, and Abby P. Sun '13, who have been roommates since freshman year. The three juniors hope ivyfed will answer similar questions to those one might pose to a friend or roommate.

"We want to be everyone's cool older friend," Miller said.

Ivyfed's simple and aesthetically pleasing website features three sections, ivyfed, ivycovered, and ivyseen, which discuss dining, fashion, and lifestyle at Harvard. The website has already had 1,400 unique hits and has an average of 50 to 60 visitors per day, according to Stasinopoulos.

"We're looking to get in touch with undergrads on campus, but anyone who lives in the Harvard area benefits from the stuff we blog about,"Stansinopoulos added.

If you're in need of some advice about clothes, dining hall food, or dating, be sure to check out their website. As a bonus, you can like their Facebook page for the chance to win a homemade cake baked by Stasinopoulos, Miller, and Sun.

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