Who Let the Dogs Out?

Some people distract themselves from heavy workloads by taking a walk, others de-stress by eating, while still others spend hours looking up cute pictures of animals on the internet. Winthrop tutor Wendi X. Zhang is now making it easier for everyone to procrastinate with a new tumblr dedicated to her beloved corgis, Fizzy and Chief.

Last November Zhang was studying for an exam and decided to take a break by browsing around Craigslist to see if anyone needed someone to walk their corgi. What she found instead was a listing from a family who needed to give their corgi up for adoption. That's when Wendi got her first dog, Chief.

"My boyfriend used to complain, 'You send me pictures and videos of corgis all the time; you should just get one,'" said Zhang. "I made the call on a Wednesday and picked [Chief] up on Sunday." She got her second corgi, Fizzy, this August from a family in San Francisco. "I adopted Fizzy because I could tell Chief was a little lonely," she said.

The two dogs are now the focus of Zhang's new tumblr, which she updates with pictures and videos almost every day. The site has been up for over a week, though Zhang has been curating pictures and videos for a while to share with the families from whom she originally adopted the dogs. Fizzy, six months, is the smaller of the pair, while Chief is six years old. In addition to documenting their lives on the internet, Zhang also takes her corgis on walks around Harvard Yard, along the Charles, or over to MIT. In addition to checking out this adorable duo on the internet, students also have the opportunity sign-up to walk Fizzy and Chief throughout the week.

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