Prefrosh and hosts, rejoice. Gone are the days of prospective freshmen awkwardly loitering in the Yard, waiting for someone to swipe them into their hosts' dorms throughout the weekend of Visitas.

According to Co-Chair of the Undergraduate Admissions Council Ayse Baybars '12, who is also a Crimson editorial writer, prospective freshmen will now have swipe access to the dormitories they are staying in during Visitas. Baybars said she is unsure if prefrosh will have access to other buildings during the weekend, as the decision has not yet been made. Baybars said the Admissions Office and the UAC have been seeking to obtain swipe access for prefrosh for the past few years.

Member of the UAC Timothy G. Seery '15 said he thought prefrosh would benefit from this greater independence. "They can actually live as a Harvard student for that weekend and not be so reliant on their host," Seery said.

Visitas will take place from April 21 to 23.