In a conflict which has expanded in the course of a single day to involve an unprecedented three Houses, a fourth House has now joined the alliance against Adams House. Led by a mysterious individual known only by the alias "General Mistie," Mather House Committee issued a "Decree to Save the Tree" to declare war against Adams if they continue hostilities against Currier House.

In the declaration, Mather warns Adams against making a rash decision in the matter due to the increasing number of Houses allied to Currier. The Decree also invoked Mather's aid to Adams House in recovering its gong from Kirkland House during the Great House War of 2004.

Mather concluded with an ultimatum to Adams to rescind its declaration of war by 11:59:59 on Wednesday evening. If Adams does not, Mather will issue a formal declaration of war.

We're sure that more will progress tonight and tomorrow. Stay tuned!