Alexander J. P. Kunkel '12

Many of us may feel cramped in the tiny twin beds that reside within our dorm rooms, but not Alexander J. P. Kunkel '12. Kunkel has overcome this problem by combining two twin beds together to form a huge king-sized bed in the corner of his Pforzheimer House bedroom.

"It's kind of a temple to laziness. I can control the lights and the fans without every leaving the bed," Kunkel said. His room is a testament to the beauty of senior singles. In response to the awe expressed over his dorm room, Kunkel simply said, "Quad life."

The room not only demonstrates the joys of being a senior, but also Kunkel's personality. The enormous snack collection, including a stash of Cheez-Its underneath his bed, and various seating options reflect that his room is a place to hang out and relax. "I like to think of it as a sort of a safe place to come home to. I've always been more productive studying in here and having people over and having snacks. It's a place you can talk out loud."

With scented candles on the dresser, throw pillows placed on the bed, and paintings adorning the walls, you can see that different things mesh together well in Kunkel's eclectic collection of items. As for the general theme of the room, well, according to Kunkel, there really isn't one.

If you want to prepare for your senior single next year, or you just want tips on how to make your room as nice as Kunkel's, then follow some of his suggestions.

1. "Plan things out in advance. Visit the room before you get it, and pay attention to detail."

2. "If there's anything that is going to be worth your investment, it's convenience. You want your room to be a place where it doesn't take you a lot of effort to become comfortable and focus."

3. With a smile, Kunkel added some parting advice. "Have a place to put your key, or you will lose it all the time."


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