763 Men of Harvard Want Hotness Today

Men's Heavyweight Crew
Men's Heavyweight Crew

Fair peers at fair Harvard, those of you who are fair,

We at Flyby are here to tell you something you may already know: Only half of you are hot, and of those who are, the majority are male. Admissions mistake? Maybe. Oops!

According to the 2012 Boston Hotness Index, recently released by collegiate dating site DateMySchool.com, Harvard dudes are Boston's second best looking bachelors, while our ladies flank the other end of the list in last place.

The rankings are a result of data based on the number of times a Date My School user saves a profile versus the number of students at the college with a profile on the site. The other five schools ranked are BC (first in both categories), BU, MIT, Northeastern, and Tufts.

Yes, there are many problems with these rankings. They objectify women. They objectify men. They objectify individuals who would like to be considered hot but who identify as neither male or female. They objectify Boston's world-renowned network of universities, and the puerile bar graphs used to illustrate the data in the press release objectify the advances that have been made in data illustration since Microsoft Word 1998. But let's focus on the important take-aways, shall we?

Whatever, we lost one. Fair-ish peers, they've divided us by gender, and a university divided by gender will not stand (see all Crimson content tagged "final clubs"). But we're doing alright. We're one of the hottest academic institutions right now, which is kind of related to how we have 45 really hot students at Harvard right now, which is kind of like how we have 15 seniors you need to meet right now, which is very much like 22 Most Impressive Students at Harvard Right Now. Crimson-derivative content aside (thank you, Business Insider), the numbers tend to speak for themselves, and there are a lot of them. There are, however, few conclusive numbers involved in these rankings. Perhaps an anonymous BU student (and Date My School user) said it best in a real quotation from Date My School's press release: "Personally, I'm not surprised. The guys at my school are nowhere near as cute as the BC boys."

Which isn't to say there aren't problems with the math. If the data compiled are a result of number of saves vs. number of profiles on the site, couldn't one profile, as an outlier with hundreds of saves, skew the results? Like, one really hot guy from Harvard could swing the results for the other 762 Harvard males who had a profile on the site when the data was collected and released by Date My School.

Isn't it just generally irrelevant, anyway? Have any of you even seen AJ McCarron's girlfriend?

Whatever. Remember, fair peers, as the press release instructs, "students hoping to heat up the holidays with a hottie" are encouraged by Date My School co-founder Jean Meyer (hailed by some as "The French Zuckerberg") to consider a date's whole character and "'look beyond the looks.'"

But not too much, thx, because even though Meyer "believes modern ambition is the death of love," that's neither good for his business model nor the longevity of our most-reads.

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