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Ten Stories That Shaped 2020

The past twelve months were a year like no other for Harvard and the world. Under the backdrop of a once-in-a-century pandemic, students took classes from all over the globe, while pushing for social change at the University and on the political stage. Here, The Crimson reviews ten stories that defined 2020 at Harvard.

Harvard Drops Social Group Sanctions

The University announced in June that it would drop its controversial sanctions against single-gendered social organizations following a Supreme Court ruling on sex discrimination.

Delphic and Bee Clubs’ Three-Year Marriage Ends

The co-ed Delphic-Bee Club will split into the all-male Delphic Club and the all-female Bee Club three years after merging, according to club affiliates.

Owl Party

The Owl, a final club at Harvard, hosted a daytime party following the College's announcement that students must evacuate campus. During the last 5 days before vacating campus, many seniors celebrated their last four years by attending various events and parties.

Harvard Sanctions Single-Gender Social Clubs

In May 2016, University administrators imposed punitive sanctions on members of final clubs, sororities, and fraternities — a move that shook the social foundations of Harvard College during the latter half of the decade.

House Committee Approves Bill Imperiling Harvard Sanctions

A Congressional committee has approved a bill tying federal education funding to students’ freedom of association, threatening Harvard’s ability to enforce its controversial penalties on single-sex social organizations.

Student Life Committee Plans Review of Student Groups’ Comps

The Committee on Student Life discussed an assessment of the social group sanctions, preparations for the new Allston campus, and a prospective audit of student organizations’ “comp” processes in its first meeting of the year Thursday.

Porcellian Club Gate

One of the various gates on Harvard's campus bearing a final club logo. Definitely not the gate we interviewed for this article. This gate is a different gate.

Harvard's RSOs Explained

3 years have passed since Harvard implemented a set of sanctions against unrecognized social organizations — the university now faces a shifting social landscape and two lawsuits. Crimson reporter Shera S. Avi-Yonah describes the sanctions and RSO status in more detail.

Fox Considers Going Co-Ed After Undergrads Vote For Gender-Neutral Membership Twice

After its College student membership voted twice to go co-ed this spring, the Fox Club Graduate Association will meet May 14 to approve or reject the proposal, according to documents obtained by The Crimson.

In Final Legal Push, Harvard Defends Motions to Dismiss Sanctions Complaints

Harvard filed documents Friday defending its motions to dismiss state and federal lawsuits alleging the College’s policies on single-gender social organizations are discriminatory.

College Surveys Recognized Social Club Members on Harvard Social Scene

The Dean of Students Office is requesting that members of Recognized Social Organizations complete an online survey as part of an “assessment” of the new club category, asking them to evaluate Harvard social life to give the College a better understanding of the organizations.

Dean of Students Lauds Gender-Neutral Social Club Recruitment

Dean of Students Katherine G. O’Dair said in a Tuesday interview that College administrators are “encouraged” by “strong student interest” in social organizations that recently adopted gender-neutral membership policies in accordance with College regulations.

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