Fifteen Most Interesting

James Bedford

“I love the river because it reminds me of home,” James A. Bedford ’20 says as we set out for a brisk walk along the Charles. “Back home in England, I live on a sailing boat.”

Editor's Note

There are 15 reasons that you should read this issue: one for each of the seniors that we’ve decided to profile. “15 Most Interesting” is perhaps a misnomer — we could have selected several groups of 15 seniors to profile out of the many nominations we received.

15 Most Interesting Seniors

Is "most interesting" a subjective title? Of course. Are these 15 seniors still very interesting? Certainly! We sent our writers to hang out with them in their favorite places on campus and glean a bit of wisdom from them before they graduate. Now, we hope you'll take time to get to know them too.

Amitai Abouzaglo

After growing up on what he describes as an “island,” Amitai B. Abouzaglo ’20 came to Harvard eager to create meaningful and wide-ranging relationships in a way that his insular upbringing had not allowed.

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