It’s already the middle of November and even the students who spend their whole lives staring at CS50 problem sets know that Harvard-Yale is around the corner (November 23 to be exact). Heck, people that don’t even go here know that it’s coming. To help all you procrastinators out there who haven’t sorted out your game plan for the Game, Flyby has rounded up some of your options:

Are You Going to The Game?

a) No: You can save money and study for that SLS 20 midterm on Monday. Really, whose bright idea was it to have midterms after H-Y? (Note: Flyby is not liable for your regretting not going the week after.)

b) Yes: Get a ticket and go experience the biggest Harvard athletic (read: social) event of the year. As Nike says, just do it.

Buying Tickets

Because a Harvard ID just won’t cut it this time.

a) Buy from Harvard: Pretty simple. Tickets are available at the Harvard Athletics Ticket Office in the Murr Center all the way across the river for $20. Also available from the website.

b) Buy from Yale: If you can live with giving money to the enemy, this might be your best option. General admission tickets are available on the Yale athletics website for $11 each. You don’t even have to move from your bed. Still too expensive? Yale students can buy four additional guest tickets for $5 each, so if you have any friends there (a strange concept), they may be able to help you out. Just keep in mind this means that you would have to mingle with Yalies prior to the game, so we recommend splurging on the $11 ticket and printing at home.

c) Buy from Stubhub: Don’t do it! Although those $6 tickets look tempting, there are some hefty delivery fees and service charges that you want to avoid.

Getting There

Just in case you didn’t know, you’re not gonna be able to stumble over to Soldiers Field this year after waking up five minutes before the game.

a) Round trip Harvard shuttle: Runs from Lowell House directly to Yale Stadium and back on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sold at the Harvard Box Office in the Holyoke Center. It costs $40 if you only spend Saturday in New Haven, but you will be charged an additional $5 for every other day (up to $50). Don’t forget that the bus tickets are SEF-eligible, so act quickly, and you might be able to earn yourself a cheaper ride!

b) Student organizations: Many rent buses for members; costs may vary. Contact organization reps.

c) Drive: If you happen to have friends who are carpooling there, this is probably your best bet.