Jake Meagher

Crimson staff writer

Jake Meagher

Jake is a member of the 142nd and 143rd Guards. He covers the Harvard men's hockey team.

Crimson staff writer Jake Meagher can be reached at jake.meagher@thecrimson.com. Follow him on Twitter @MeagherTHC.

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We Ain't Come Here to Play School: Parting Shot

"I knew this wasn’t a sports school—a wild notion when you consider about 20 percent of the student body competes in intercollegiate athletics. But college is what you make of it. I wanted to be at a sports school, so I made Harvard one."

The Only Show in Town: Wurf's Adventure Revisited

Originally, Harvard and Minnesota-Duluth were just supposed to play hockey. A quarterfinal series between the two teams would determine who moved on to the stage of the tournament we now call the Frozen Four. But the sideshow that ensued back in 1985 ranks among one of the wildest and wackiest events in the history of both Harvard Hockey and The Crimson.