Juicebox: Halloween Drinks and Tunes

She could definitely use a drink.
She could definitely use a drink.

It’s Halloween season, and things are about to get real spooky! You’ve earned a reward for all the papers and midterms you’ve crushed, and All Hallows’ Eve is your chance to claim it. Flyby cares about you, so we’re going to help get you in the Halloween mood with some spirits and songs.

For All My Werewolves:

The Full Moon
1.5 oz moonshine
1 oz sour mix
1/2 oz simple syrup
1 oz hair of the dog
lemon slice garnish

Werewolves, those timeless beasts with an abundance of raw sex appeal, deserve their seat atop the monster-hotness hierarchy. Embrace your inner lupine self, and invoke primal lunar energy with moonshine. Make it bearable (and less throat-scorching) with sour mix, and finally add some simple syrup because you’re probably pretty sweet.

Juicebox Jam: “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio

This underappreciated hit remains the premier example of the werewolf lifestyle. It covers the practical (“when the moon is round and full / gotta bust that box gotta gut that fish”) as well as the mysterious (“when the moon is round and full / gonna teach you tricks that'll blow your mongrel mind”). The song is a very sensual experience, and a drink or two (or five) will only make it better.

For All My Vampires:

Friday, Bloody Friday
2 oz vodka
1 oz cranberry juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
2 bat wings
1/10 oz garlic

This one stings like vodka, tastes like berries, and looks like blood. The ol’ trifecta. And the best way to build up your immunity to garlic is 1/10 oz at a time. Drink up, and help make vampires cool again.

Juicebox Jam: “Dracula’s Wedding” by Outkast Feat. Kelis

Leave it to Outkast to make a romantic and groovy vampire-themed track to guide your bloodsucking ways. Listen to Andre 3000 when he says, “I wait my whole life to bite the right one / Then you come along and that freaks me out.” Spend this Halloween with the ones you love, and then bite them (in the fun way).

For All My People Who Dress Up In Professional Uniforms:

The Nine-to-Fiver
2 oz scotch whiskey
3/4 oz vermouth
years of thankless work
cherry garnish

You want to be a cop for Halloween? Go for it! You want to be a doctor, or a sexy doctor? Sure! How about a cowboy or a cowgirl? Power to you. Your costume is a working person’s costume, so treat yourself like one. Demand the strong stuff, and take a load off.

Juicebox Jam: “San Francisco (You’ve Got Me)” by The Village People

No group better embodies the dress-up tradition of Halloween than the Village People. They didn’t let their careers as musicians limit their costumes, and neither should you. Bikers, construction workers, karate masters—they’re all Village People. So, “Dress the way you please and put your mind at ease.” Except for the Native-American costume that they used to do. Don’t do that.

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