Slushy Treks

The weather could not be more disgusting. From the snow that is still piled up from the last two weeks to the mist and rain that's permanently descending from the sky, finding ways to battle the slush on the ground has never been so important. But not to worry—we've come up with a list of ways to keep your feet dry while the ground is wet.

1. Dig out your waterproof shoes (perhaps the most obvious solution to this issue).
2. Have a nice friend with waterproof footwear carry you over the puddles—while his feet might get wet, yours will stay nice and dry.
3. Leap over all of the puddles (disclaimer: puddles are everywhere, so watch where you land).
4. Fly from place to place. This is pretty self-explanatory—that is, if you can figure out how to fly. Alternatively, you could buy a jetpack.
5. Take a warmcut through buildings to avoid the worst of the slush. For instance go through Weld and Thayer to get from one end of the Yard to another.
6. Be like Elsa in “Frozen” and make a path of ice (it won’t be slushy anymore, but it might be really slippery).
7. Channel your inner Spiderman—swing from building to building.

And if all else fails...
8. ...Just stay indoors. DON’T LEAVE YOUR BED.