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Earth Movers

Archaeology is alive and kicking in the Boston area. At Harvard, a hands-on course in the Anthropology Department allows students to dig up artifacts in their own backyard. Meanwhile, the City of Boston Archaeology Program gives volunteers an opportunity to engage with the city’s historical legacy.

Expert on Brazilian Cultural History Dies

Romance Languages and Literatures professor Nicolau Sevcenko, who died in mid-August, is fondly remembered by his colleagues.

Margaret Atwood Awarded 2014 Harvard Arts Medal

Acclaimed author Margaret E. Atwood was honored with the 2014 Harvard Arts Medal in a ceremony Thursday to mark the beginning of the 22nd Annual Arts First Festival.

How to Avoid Getting Sick

Spring has finally arrived. The sun is out (except that it rained almost all of last week), the snow is gone, and green is returning to the campus. But despite the warmer weather, everyone seems to be getting sick. Here are some foolproof ways to stay healthy, brought to you by a proud germaphobe.