It looks like all the fanfare surrounding Housing Day might turn into a battle of the Beyoncésbecause not just one, but at least two, Houses are throwing around the idea of making a Yoncé-themed Housing Day video this year.

Is it too good to be true? Absolutely notas every Harvard student, American, and citizen of the world knows, when it comes to Beyoncé, all things are possible.

Both Lowell and Winthrop have drawn on inspiration from Queen Bey to sell eager freshmen on their House, bringing us “Drunk in Lowell” and “Love on Throp.”

Is this too much Beyoncé for one Housing Day? See above. The more Beyoncé, the better.

But this does beg the question: Which Beyoncé is better? “Love on Throp” (derived from “Love on Top”) shows off sassy, upbeat Beyoncé. She’s fun, energetic, and happy-sexy. “Drunk in Lowell” (see “Drunk in Love”) is the Queen’s newest hit. It’s soulful, powerful, and every kind of sexy possible. And the Lowell video looks promisingprops to the seemingly-confused Lowell House masters sippin’ that tea in the video trailer.

The good news (or bad news, depending on your perspective), freshmen, is that you don’t have to choose which one you like better. The Housing Gods will decide which Beyoncé you belong with in just a few short weeks.

But, while we’re on the subject, all this talk about Beyoncé makes us wonder: When is Beyoncé coming to Harvard?