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Freshman v.s. Senior: The Older the Wiser?

We all enter Harvard Yard freshman year, wide-eyed and excited about all the possibilities in front of us. It’s not long, however, before sleep deprivation and stress strip us of our ambition and enthusiasm. Some ways to distinguish between a new Harvard freshman and a Harvard senior:

Waitlists: Not the End of the World

You may accept your position on the waitlist and develop a plan of action, but in the meantime, celebrate the schools you did get into. You’re going to college. That’s a huge achievement that many of us take for granted, and is something that not everyone gets to say.

Dear Kwasi Enin, Pick Harvard

Harvard is the only place where Enin’s success could simultaneously be hugely admired and not too out of the ordinary. So congratulations, Kwasi Enin. Thank you for making us all feel inferior. We better see you in the fall.