Eva & Nacho Review: Jenny's Cafe at the Harvard Art Museums

The failed bird’s eye view attempt. #artsy?
The failed bird’s eye view attempt. #artsy? By Eva S. Monroe

In another installment of Flyby’s never-ending quest to seek out the best study spots on campus, staff writers Ignacio Sabate ’18 and Eva S. Monroe ’18 ventured past the Yard to Jenny’s Cafe in the Harvard Art Museums.

Eva: The Harvard Art Museums is a beautiful space, especially the skylit atrium at the entrance. But I definitely think of it as a place to take my mom when she comes to visit, not as a study spot. However, this trip to Jenny’s Cafe may have changed my mind.

Nacho: If you’re coming for the Instagram pictures, the lighting isn’t very good. Maybe it’s just the time of day.

Eva: Very true. I also embarrassed Nacho by standing on my chair to try and get a good overhead shot. Gotta do it for the ‘gram.

Nacho: You looked basic...but it shows you’re determined to pursue the truth in journalism.

Excited Nacho, featuring pumpkin muffin and cinnamon french toast latte.
Excited Nacho, featuring pumpkin muffin and cinnamon french toast latte. By Eva S. Monroe

Eva: I ordered a cinnamon french toast latte and a pumpkin muffin (gotta keep it #seasonal). The barista working was a super nice guy. He asked about my day, what I was studying, and how midterms went.

Nacho: I ordered an espresso and a chocolate-hazelnut biscotti. Very friendly man. Just quote me. Wait, no, quote me: “what a sweet little man.” The was food 11/10. No complaints.

Eva: My food was also very good. Especially the pumpkin muffin. I considered ordering a second but I didn’t want the barista to judge me. Also, I’m a clumsy fool and spilled the latte all over myself, but the part of it I actually drank was delicious. Overall, I liked the Cafe. Nacho, would you come back?

Nacho: I would come back.

Eva: Me too. It seems like a chill place to get some reading done and have a snack. Plus it’s less stressful than a library, and almost feels like it’s outside of the Harvard bubble.

So, in conclusion, Jenny’s Cafe is definitely worth the visit, which is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Come for the coffee and nice man taking your order, stay for the pretty space and chance to be surrounded by people who aren’t between the ages of 18 and 22. There's also nicely-dressed employee who will bus your table for you. But most importantly, make sure you get the perfect Instagram before you go.

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