An Ode to the Warm Weather in Cambridge

By Michelle M. Ng

In case you haven't been outside recently, you may not have noticed that the temperatures have stayed remarkably high given the time of year. To commemorate the important occasion, Flyby wrote an ode of thanks:

O sweat stains in my t-shirts, why are you still appearing?

When the leaves began to fall, it was rather deceiving;

I though the weather would turn, and a chill would set in,

But much to my surprise the cold did not begin.

I awoke every morning beginning October 1st

Looking at my phone, waiting to be cursed

With temperatures low, and wind chills high

But much to my delight, it was warm, with no sign of why.

When the rakes were staked abreast in the yard,

I prepared my winter clothes and put up my guard.

My midterms came and went, and there was still no snow.

The grass was raked and green, and my confusion continued to grow.

I came to Cambridge thinking Mother Nature was an ice queen,

But up until recently this weather has been a dream.

Everything was great until the heat turned on in my dorm;

The unbelievably dry heat left me wishing for a snowstorm.

As the temperature slowly drops, and winter begins to show its face,

I will forget my woes from the warm weather, at an increasingly rapid pace.

When the snow begins to stick, and the icicles begin to form,

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