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Hey Professor: The Sleepers

With reading period upon us and many exams fast approaching, long nights in are becoming staples in every undergraduate’s life. The trendiest bags at the moment are the ones under everyone’s eyes. But is it better to choose an extra hour of studying over an extra hour of sleep? When does an all-nighter do more harm than good?

Dorm Crew Dairies: Weird Stuff in Rooms

Harvard Dorm Crew is a division of Facilities Maintenance Operations and employs scores of students to perform custodial jobs for on-campus housing. The students running this massive operation are no strangers to surprise. The cleaning teams have tackled everything from giant messes to bizarre left-behind possessions. After the mass exodus of students at the start of summer, dorm crew employees remain at Harvard to clean out the newly vacated rooms. It’s a chance to see the school in a whole new light, and catch glimpses of student lives from Mather to the Quad. It’s also a chance to find some crazy stuff.