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Fly-By is (almost) line-free on Fridays.
Fly-By is (almost) line-free on Fridays. By Eva S. Monroe

Do you suffer from shopping period optimism? You know, when the first week of classes rolls around and you’re convinced that of course you’ll wake up for a 10 a.m. lecture, of course you’ll go to that section on Friday, and of course you’ll be fine with only 15 minutes for lunch twice a week...wait, what?

Yeah, we all make dumb decisions when study card day rolls around. Luckily, HUDS has anticipated our momentary (or more than momentary) lapses of judgement, and graced us with Fly-By, a grab-and-go dining service.

Fly-By resides right below Annenberg, next to the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub. It’s a great option for grabbing lunch and sprinting to lecture if, like me, you only schedule 7 minutes for lunch at 2 p.m., but don’t mind because you eat at weird times anyway.

But beware of Fly-By at regular lunchin’ hours: I’ve tried to grab-and-go at noon and been met with a line stretching almost to the door of Queen’s Head. Yikes. But hey, upperclassmen who don’t have time to walk back to the River or, god forbid, the Quad, between classes definitely have nothing better to do than to stand in line for 20 minutes to grab chips and a sandwich.

When running smoothly and line-free, Fly-By is everything that Flyby could hope for: free food, a place to work, and Cape Cod chips. But because of its tendency to get overcrowded at peak mealtimes, we’ve got to say that we at Flyby prefer the blog.

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