You can make beautiful food like this too– we believe in you.
Sometimes the dining hall has Swedish meatballs and cookie bars and the coffee ice cream and all is right with the world, and other times Harvard students don’t even have the now-classic chili and cornbread combo to fall back on. For the times when HUDS is a little more stingy with the edible options, Flyby has some suggestions to make your life a little brighter:

The Poor Man’s Golden Crema (for when you drink 5 cups of coffee a day and want the finer things in life, but just don’t have the cash)

3/4 mug coffee
1/4 mug cream or whole milk
1 shake of cinnamon (keep it light)
1 tsp honey

Peppermint Mocha

1/2 mug coffee
1/2 mug hot chocolate
1 mint teabag

Caesar Salad Wrap

1 tortilla (note: not always available, but you can ask the kitchen staff and they’ll normally have some in the back)
1 cut grilled chicken
Caesar salad from the bar
1 handful of Croutons
Drizzle caesar dressing

Lay out evenly on tortilla and burrito it.

Ham and Cheese Wrap

1 tortilla
Ham from sandwich bar
Cheese from sandwich bar

Lay out evenly on tortilla and burrito it.

Dip in ranch or honey mustard dressing.


1 tortilla
Cheese from sandwich bar
Cheese from chili line
Dip in sour cream from chili line
Chicken optional

Lay out on half of tortilla, fold over and place in panini press

Breakfast Sandwich

Hamburger bun or english muffin toasted
1 egg from grill
Ham from sandwich bar
Cheese from sandwich bar

Stack ingredients

May the chef in all of us be on our side.