2015 has been a big year at Harvard and in the world: from a Snowpocalypse to the “Summer of Trump” to the wonderful enigma that is Rakesh Khurana, we’ve experienced a lot in the past 365 days. Check out some of Flyby’s biggest moments:

C'est Bon
C'est Bon Market & Liquors remained open during blizzard Juno.
January 1 – PSA: C’est Bon Heroically Open Throughout Snowpocalypse
They always say that hard times reveal true friends. We at Harvard learned this firsthand during our time of greatest need—Snowpocalypse 2015. The days were short, the snow was high, and our stockpile of cheap liquor was running alarmingly low. Who were the true heroes during those dark days but the brave men and women of C’est Bon Market & Liquors, who courageously kept their doors open amidst a blizzard? We at Flyby would like to take this opportunity to once again commend C’est Bon: not the hero we deserved, but the one that we needed.

February 21-March 4 – Datamatch: Flyby’s Shot at Love, Parts 1-5
Flyby Staff Writers Hyemi, Nacho, Brooke, Chris, and Eva all bravely asked out one of their top Datamatches for a date in the Square. A series of sometimes hilarious, sometimes depressing anecdotes ensued. While results ranged, we at Flyby are still convinced that Datamatch is our one shot at finding true love. Keep an eye out for this in 2016!

Malia Obama selfie
Selfie with Malia Obama #important
March 26 – PSA: Malia Obama Tours Harvard
While the narcs over at Brown tried to get Malia grounded by snapchatting pictures of her maybe, possibly, playing beer pong, we at Flyby kept it classy with Betty Anne Richardson’s epic long-distance selfie. While we still haven’t heard where Malia has gotten big envelopes from, we’re sure she won’t make the wrong decision. In the meantime, College students across campus are probably watching the classic “My Date with the President’s Daughter” for tips, you know, just in case.

August 3 – ‘Poonsters Prank The Crimson—and Dupe Donald Trump
While we don’t often encourage the antics of a certain semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine, we have to give credit where credit is due. The title says it all—some ’Poonsters convinced Donald Trump of a fake Crimson endorsement, and took a photo to prove it. Certainly a highlight of our summer (and do we wish we had thought of it? Maybe.)

huds cheese fries
When I try to request Cheese Fries from HUDS....
October 16 – HUDS Attempts Cheese Fries
It does not end well. Next time just toss it all in the microwave like the rest of us, Betty.

October 16 – Dean Khurana Has a Vespa
If you thought the Dean of the College couldn’t get cooler, you were wrong. Catch him cruising down Garden Street from Cabot to the Yard—wearing a helmet, of course. Honestly, this was probably the most news-worthy piece of 2015. We’re still disappointed that The New York Times didn’t pick it up.

November 3 – Sophomores are Declaring Their Concentrations on an Online Tool That Does Not Exist Yet
Sophomore fall is a stressful time, to say the least. You no longer have the security blanket of your freshman proctor or entryway, you’re adjusting to living in a new House where you barely know anyone, and on top of that you’re trying to figure out what interests you enough to study it for three years. To add insult to injury to stressed-out sophomores, in the weeks before the deadline, Harvard didn’t even bother to post the declaration tool, despite sending out emails reminding sophomores that they needed to declare. Thanks for adding to the #slumplife, my.harvard!

Trump in the Crimson's Chair
A screenshot of a photo taken of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump alongside... not The Crimson's editorial board.
November 9Do You Wanna Pset and Chill?
It’s more than a request—it’s a movement. Scandalized by the rise in popularity of “Netflix and Chill,” Flyby encouraged students to opt for the GPA-maximizing, drama-minimizing “Pset and Chill” instead. After all, what’s sexier than a 4.0 and a job offer by senior fall?

November 12 – Meet the Scooterers of Harvard
Ever been trudging your way up Dewolfe on the way to the Yard, when suddenly someone whizzes by you? It’s not a car, nor is it a bicyclist – no, it’s a scooterer. If you thought you outgrew your old Razor once you started middle school, you would be wrong. Scooters are back and better than ever, and these intrepid riders got in on the ground floor.

December 21 – Flyby’s Holiday Placement for Nosy Relatives
In the wake of controversy following the College’s “Social Justice Placemats,” we at Flyby created our own placemat to answer the college-related questions we all get asked after winter break. Whip this one out when you have to deal with a nosy aunt or a drunk uncle.