Caie & Will
Why wouldn't you want to ask these two beautiful humans any and every question you have?
Dear lonely classmates of Harvard,

After a short hiatus, Listen Up! is back on Flyby, this time with wiser, older (freshman) columnists in the form of Caie and Will. We’re the first boy-and-girl team to take over the column. Undecided in whether or not we’ll venture through the snow for dinner at Annenberg tonight, undecided in concentration, and undecided in life, we are well-equipped to handle Harvard’s problems and are looking forward to knowing the intimate details of yours!

We know you’ve got questions that keep you up at night while you anxiously nibble away at Cinnamon Toasters, so please submit them here for some good ol’ problem solving. Did Datamatch fail to pair you with anyone? Do you need fashion advice for standing out in a sea of Bean Boots? Trying to figure out if doing long-distance from the river to the Quad is worth it? Tired of sending your roommate passive aggressive messages about keeping the room clean? Wondering how you can impress the girl of your dream without becoming “that Section Kid?” Send them in to us anonymously- we are here to help!

Caie and Will