Definitive Ranking of the 2015 Housing Day Videos

Upperclassmen storm Harvard Yard on Thursday morning to start off Housing Day festivities. The Class of 2016 received their housing assignments from their future housemates and visited their Houses during the evening.
Upperclassmen storm Harvard Yard on Thursday morning to start off Housing Day festivities. The Class of 2016 received their housing assignments from their future housemates and visited their Houses during the evening.

By Shunella Grace Lumas

Now that all the videos are out and Housing Day is fast upon us, our Flyby writers Jalin and Eva have produced the definitive ranking of the videos. Trust us, they’re experts (freshmen).

1. Dunster

Eva: I’ve been a big fan of my homegirl TSwift since 6th grade, so there was no way that a “Blank Space” parody wasn’t going to be my #1. Plus, fake Taylor Swift has some serious vocal talent. And PSA to the guy in the video: I’m super single, you know, if you’re looking for a nightmare dressed like a daydream…

Jalin: Unlike Eva, I have not yet hopped on the Taylor Swift train, but I can give credit where credit is due. This video was amazing, considering it was primarily shot on a construction site. Other houses, take a hard look in the mirror.

2. Cabot

Eva: Two words: Song. Choices. Just so on point. People from Cabot also released a couple other videos but this one was definitely my favorite. Dean Khurana’s cameo is hilarious, as are the ripped up fur coat and the Audi. The video doesn’t take itself too seriously, which I appreciate.

Jalin: This one had pretty low production value, but it looks like they had fun with it. Plus, I’m always down for nice cars and cameos from the Khuranas. The unofficial Cabot video was also a total winner.

3. Pfoho

Eva: I was down with this video pretty much the second I heard the opening chords to “All Star,” and it just got better from there. Love the throwbacks, and the fact that you can understand what everyone is singing.

Jalin: Who doesn’t love an early 2000s throwback? I’m usually not one for medleys, but Pfoho really killed it with this one. Extra points for appropriate uses of both tie-dye and jorts.

4. Lowell

Eva: I was a little confused by the Christmas carol at the beginning, but I am in full support of Flo Rida parodies (Pretty sure I hadn’t head “Low” since seventh grade bar mitzvah season…#tbt to bad haircuts and bad style). But nothing is going to beat “Get Lowell,” although “Drunk in Lowell” came close. This year’s was good, it just didn’t meet the absurdly high standards set by past years.

Jalin: Cutest little kid and housemaster appearances by far, but until the royal blue jumpsuits see another day, I don’t know if I can get 100% behind Lowell’s efforts. Also, we get that your d-hall is yellow. I promise.

5. Adams

Eva: I get how this video was divisive, especially since it dropped after Mather’s. I did like that for a "50 Shades of Grey" theme, it was pretty tasteful (but maybe that’s just relative to Mather’s), and I thought the awkward elevator scene/serious shade thrown at Mather was funny. And come on, it’s Adams, of course it’s going to be a little pretentious.

Jalin: I just don’t know about this one. On one hand, I, like Eva, was grateful for the absence of human-animal hookups, but I couldn’t quite get on board with the 30-second long elevator scene in dead silence.

6. Kirkland

Eva: I wish the song choice had been more recognizable, but the kids were super adorable though– they definitely made the video. HoCo did a good job of making the House look like a community.

Jalin: This was better than “We Didn’t Start the Kirkland,” and that’s all that matters. I wasn’t a huge fan of the song choice, but Kirkland’s HoCo did a good enough job of including snuggly footage from Kirkland residents, cute kids, and cult-y chants to get me excited.

7. Winthrop

Eva: So much Taylor Swift in this year’s Housing Video market and I love it. Winthrop’s looked like a lot of fun to make, and as a laughably bad dancer, I feel like I really related to this video.

Jalin: A tad disappointing since Winthrop KILLED IT last year with their one-take rendition of “Love On Top,” but still a decent video that seemed like a lot of fun to make. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh at the “Allston Burr ‘I’m Just Here So I Don’t Get Fined’ Resident Dean.”

8. Leverett

Eva: Wasn’t a huge fan. But maybe I’m just scarred from my Physics Night experiences in Lev d-hall last semester.

Jalin: Pretty standard job from Lev on this one. I was digging the flashy bunny ears though.

9. Quincy

Eva: I really love Uptown Funk (oh, sorry, FunQ) so I really wanted to like this video. The dancers have got moves, but I felt like the video was kind of lacking in entertainment otherwise (Did we really need a full minute of people singing in the gym to point out how infrequently we will actually use the gym?). At least it had less poorly attempted twerking than their other video.

Jalin: Why’d you let me down like that, Quincy? Uptown Funk is prime Housing Day song material, and they came out with that nonsense? As per usual, I liked the multitude of penguin appearances, but the video’s lead looked as if he had just rummaged through the Quincy lost and found.

10. Mather

Eva: Oh my god. Honestly, my first mistake was definitely watching this while procrastinating in Lamont, because I was so mortified that someone would look over my shoulders and judge me forever. The production value of this video is super high, but I just felt so icky after watching it that I really just couldn’t get into it. Whoever thought that making out with a gorilla would make freshmen want to live in your house is a sick, sick person.

Jalin: What, Mather? The “50 Shades of Grey” premise had so much potential! (I’m looking at you too, Adams) I can always count on Mather to make something as innocent as a housing day video scar me for life. Know your mascot. Know your audience.

11. Eliot

Eva: I am so down with #tbts in general, and especially Outkast (you’ll find me most Friday nights begging various DJs to play “Hey Ya”), but I was disappointed that so much of the footage was recycled from last year’s housing day.

Jalin: Nice try with the Outkast #tbt, but this just did not do it for me. You can only do broad pans of your dhall and past Housing Day footage for so long.

12. Currier

Eva: Honestly, I just didn’t even know what was going on here. Plus, the song got stuck in my head for hours while I was trying to write an Expos paper. Thanks, but no thanks.

Jalin: Oh, Currier. Just pick a normal song next time.

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