Yik Yak: Get Your Creep On

Yik Yak at Harvard
Yik Yak at Harvard

It’s 2 a.m. in Lamont Cafe. You try to concentrate on your friend’s explanation about why she thinks it’s okay to be attracted to her history TF, but you just can’t help letting your eyes hover over to that cute girl sitting on those signature Lamont-brown couches (I personally have a theory that those couches were meant to be another color), gracefully reading Jane Eyre.

Yik Yak at Harvard
Yik Yak at Harvard By Eva S. Monroe

You want to approach her, but of course you don’t. You are a freshman; Lamont is most definitely not the place to hit on other people, and you also smell like a lamonster. Don’t you wish you could tell her that you’re madly in love with her without any negative repercussions?

Luckily, Yik Yak, a social media app which effectively functions as an anonymous Twitter for people who are close in proximity to you, is here.

Now, you can tell that girl in Lamont that you are ready to settle down and start a family!

What do I think of Yik Yak? The application is pretty cool. There are some funny jokes and confessions on there that most people normally wouldn’t admit to. For example:

“Yale is staleeeee.”  - Anonymous

“Broke up with gf, but at least I still have her HBO login! #gameofthrones”  - Anonymous

“Pancakes are just vegan steaks” - Anonymous

However, there is definitely a dark side to Yik Yak, which has proven to be a potential avenue for anonymous cyberbullying.

There are also a good amount of creepy people on there, but you probably imagined that already. A visit to Yik Yak never lacks sexually frustrated college kids asking others if they are “DTF” (Dancing Towards Faust?) or “have any kush,” whatever that means.

Therefore, as the moral role models that the wonderful people at Flyby are, we recommend you stay off of this application. People definitely don’t need to waste their time reading inane comments. If you ever find yourself appreciating someone in Lamont again, just talk to them. It’s much less creepy than posting about them on social media.

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