Mi Casa es Tu Casa: The Nuevo Felipe’s

The new interior of Felipe's Taqueria features two levels of seating and a bar.
The new interior of Felipe's Taqueria features two levels of seating and a bar.

By Alana M Steinberg

Unless you've been living under a rock, in Lamont, or binge-watching the new House of Cards season, you know about Felipe’s new home on Brattle Street. After a brief stay with Flat Patties, this historic establishment now has its very own place again. After talking to the manager and delving deeply into their proudly authentic Mexican cuisine (helping the Sophomore 15, yes freshmen, that's a thing too), Flyby has compiled the following reasons you'll love the Nuevo Felipe’s:

  1. Modern with a Touch of Culture– Felipe’s novel setting is a sublime combination of modernity and Mexican authenticity. The somewhat dark setting with situated concentrations of light makes the place look more like Starbucks. But the music, furniture, and ambience of the place give it a cultural twist. The lively music and constant bustle in both Spanish and English make one forget about that essay that they have yet to complete (at least for a little while).
  1. The Bar– It looks like the only thing Felipe’s needed to further its collegiate appeal has finally arrived. It is currently awaiting a liquor permit that will make sure the bar lives up to the hype. For those 21 and above, expect plentiful supplies of Corona, tequila, and muy buenas margaritas.
  1. Coastal Cuisine– The most recent additions to an already mouth-watering menu include shrimp and fish tacos. These are just as succulent as they sound. Having visited coastal cities like Acapulco and Cancun, I can assure you that these tacos definitely come up to par. Enjoy these seafood novelties that go “mano a mano” with some rice and a bottle of Jarritos.
  1. SPACE– Gone are the days (or late nights) of bumping into people and squeezing into seats at the Old Felipe’s. The new place is huuuuge. Not to mention it has a second floor that allows one to have a more private meal. Catching a dinner with your blockmates or simply continuing that Datamatch romance are now encouraged by the larger size of the restaurant.

Let’s be real, Felipe’s is the place where all Harvard students go (and where I wish the University would let me use my Board Plus). Be it for a study break or late night case of the munchies, Felipe’s will always welcome the hungry student into its new home.

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