Shopping week is always a stressful time on Harvard’s campus. Bright-eyed freshmen learn that Expos may or may not be graded on a curve, crushing their 4.0 dreams. Sophomores eagerly await invitations to get punched for final clubs. Juniors and seniors lottery unsuccessfully for the 100th time to get into US-World 35. And just as sure as the sun will rise, the snow will come, and the swai will disappoint, another long-standing tradition is celebrated.

This week, the Crimson released the results of its annual survey of the freshman class. If you don’t have the time to comb through the entire feature (see: premeds in LS1a furiously studying Lecture 1’s material), here are some highlights:

1) 88% of respondents listed Academics as their number one priority at Harvard. 2019 really isn’t helping the sexless nerd stereotype we have going for us.

2) One student allegedly applied to 32 schools and was admitted to 28. Said student’s “command” key is now jammed from all the copying and pasting of application essays.

3) 17% of respondents admitted to cheating on homework or problem sets in high school. This compares to 42% of respondents to the Class of 2017’s survey two years ago!

4) 79.5% of those who completed the survey listed their own expectations as their main source of pressure. Though exams and papers can be stressful, just do your best!

5) 65.1% of respondent identify themselves as very or somewhat liberal, while only 12.2% identify as very or somewhat conservative. At least we have reached bipartisan support for the Lampoon’s pranking of Donald Trump.

6) 62% of freshman surveyed claim to be virgins. Was this survey taken before or after First Chance Dance though? Some v. important context missing here.

7) 53% of respondents don’t have a Twitter account. We suggest you make one because Flyby tweets are absolute fire (shameless plug).

8) 75% of freshmen surveyed are Mac users and 80% are iPhone users. More evidence of Apple’s slow and steady infiltration into the hearts and minds of young students everywhere. This, written from a new Macbook that replaced a perfectly functional older model.

9) 70% of Harvard’s Class of 2019 responded to The Crimson’s survey, while only 63% of Yale’s freshman class responded to the Yale Daily News’s survey. Go Crimson!