Pros and Cons: Clover's New Home

By Alana M Steinberg

Clover lovers, rejoice, because the beloved overwhelming smell of chickpea fritters that overcomes you as soon as you turn the corner to Holyoke Street will now be moving to Mass Ave. That’s right, the (terrifyingly) uncertain fate of Clover HSQ has been secured–its new home will be where Yenching (#rip) used to be. In honor of this move, here are some pros and cons of Clover’s new home.

Pro: Clover’s new location on Mass Ave makes it that much more tempting to stop by for lunch or a snack after classes in the Yard (technically, this is a con for your wallet, but a pro for your stomach). Don’t deny it—even though the move may not be that far, in the dead of Cambridge winter, we would all do anything to take one less step in the brutally cold weather.

Con: Clover’s new location on Mass Ave will lure even more unknowing tourists dropped off on this busy street after their tour of the campus. Be prepared to have a bunch of pictures of you eating taken by people who mistook its “food lab” aesthetic for an actual Harvard science lab.

Pro: Members of the Porcellian now basically have an experimental vegetarian kitchen on their premises.

Con: Members of Apley will lament at the all too real feeling of having another semi-close eatery taken further away from them.

Pro: We no longer have to stare ahead into the creepily empty space that once used to be Sandrine’s, that restaurant that only existed when our parents were in town.

Con: We now have the view into the rooms of Wigg. This means you get to watch eager and bright-eyed freshmen go to class (they probably even got up early to do their Ec10 readings), while you take your sweet time enjoying a Clover iced coffee and being late to section.

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