Good news: Pfoho residents are using condoms! Bad news: They've been disposing of said condoms by... throwing them out the window?

Yeah, you read that right. There is at least one person living in Pfoho that has repeatedly thrown their condoms out of their windows once they've gotten laid.

Seriously, who even does this kind of thing? Invest in a trash can, bro.

From an email sent to Pfoho students by Mario Leon, Pfoho Building Manager: “It has come to my attention that used condoms have been found on the ground and hanging from the tree outside next to the Comstock Hall entrance. I have been told by the landscapers working around the building as well as other Pfoho residents that this continues to be a problem.”

“This is very inappropriate and disrespectful to the people who contribute to our community by working hard to maintain the property,” Leon said. “It is also disgusting for anyone who may see a used condom when they look out their window.”

So, from us at Flyby to you, offending Pfoho student(s): this is absolutely revolting. Sure, some Houses are going through rough times with students leaving dirty dishes in hallways and such, but this is on an entirely new level. Do better, Pfoho. Do better.