Piles of Money

Are you a sophomore premed already disenamored with Chem 17? What about a freshman who already failed to finish his first CS 50 problem set even though students receive an extra 10 days this year? If so, have no fear. Though the first Add/Drop deadline has tragically passed, Harvard students still have until the Fifth Monday (October 3) to finalize their course schedules for the fall semester (and even then, why is everyone so scared of the dreaded W?). For the steep price of $10 a course (and the next 60 seconds of your life, which is all Flyby can really ask for at this point), we’ll will give you the lowdown on which courses to pick up to repair your broken semester.

Ethical Reasoning 18 - Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory

Your roommate is taking it. Your linkmate is taking it. Half your entryway is taking it. So why shouldn’t you? ER 18 is one of those Harvard staples that has left even The Atlantic asking why, exactly so many students at Harvard are so interested in studying the philosophy ancient China. If you’re dropping the ubiquity of CS 50, replace it with the ubiquity that has found its place in the hearts of so many Harvard undergraduates in search of that effortless, undeserved A.

History of Science 136 - History of Biotechnology

If you’re dropping Chem 17 because drawing those resonance structures has you stumped and you can’t master your first mechanism (note: for those brave enough to continue, it gets a lot worse), pick up this course to get the sense you’re still persevering the premed you always thought you were. Professor Sophia Roosth is an excellent lecturer, there’s no heavy science to be learned, and even if you’ve merely taken just LS1a you can watch as all your classmates struggle to wrap their head around some of the convoluted patent law discussed just as DNA wraps itself around a histone protein. Who are you kidding? This is so much better than what your science courses could ever teach you.

Economics 10a - Introduction to Economics (Micro)

Just kidding! Have you seen the price of that textbook?

Best of luck everyone. Fifth Monday will be here faster than you can say midterm season!