Rock. The. Flannel.

By Courtesy of Chris McInnis

steeze /stēz/ noun

the quality of being effortlessly stylish or fashionable; a hybrid of “style” and “ease”

As the leaves change and autumnal loneliness settles in, the predicament of how to remain fashionable and simultaneously warm becomes increasingly relevant. You’re unsure if you should wear your club-embroidered Patagonia. You’re unsure if you should meticulously assemble an outfit to impress that girl you saw at the Goldman panel. You’re cold. You’re scared. But have no fear. The solution comes in the form a wooly wearable blanket of pure steeze.

Flannels are great because they do not simply bolster your stylistic arsenal. They do so much more.

Social Media Aesthetic Enhancer

Yellow leaves, the Quincy hammock, and a flannel—name a more iconic trio. Your mom and dad haven’t heard from you in a while and want to know that you’re doing alright. How can you do this and break the 100-like threshold on the ‘Gram? Flannel pic in the hammock. Concerns: quelled. Clout: activated.

Stylish Snuggie Alternative

Plaid goes well with everything. You know what else goes well with everything? Comfort. A plaid flannel is a fashionable hug you can wear. It’ll match that forty dollar black concert tee you regret buying. Pair that over-sized radiator-to-go with black jeans and flex on everyone else who went to Crema because the Tatte line was too long.

Embodiment of Mood and Feeling

Want people to know that you actually enjoy Tealuxe? Trying to seem like you just got out of bed (but you lowkey planned this out last night)? Reading a book by Rupi Kaur? Just listened to three straight hours of slow John Mayer songs? Rock. The. Flannel. It’s the first line of a conversation you haven’t even started yet.

It’s cozy. It’s practical. It’s what you saw your friend-from-home-turned-model wearing on the Urban Outfitters Instagram page.

It’s a flannel.

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