Khurana Rallies Crowd
Anthony J. W. Kenny '20 and Sebastian A. Schwartz '20 carry Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana on their shoulders through the stands of the Yale Bowl.

Another year, another edition of the Game… this time, Harvard and Yale got together for their 134th epic battle, in good ol’ New Haven, Connecticut. Unlike when Harvard-Yale is held at home, this year folks actually had an excuse to not get in on the tailgating fun. Who can blame you for skipping out? We kind of wish we hadn’t paid for the New Haven experience either. So, here’s what you missed at Harvard-Yale.

Crimson Comeback was not a go

All of last week, the College Events Board held Spirit Week celebrations here at Harvard to try and get us hype for the prospect of wading into a storm of Yalies. CEB billed Spirit Week as ‘Crimson Comeback’—a risky decision, because, well, there was always a possibility that the Crimson wouldn’t... come back from last year’s loss. And we didn’t! In fact, after jumping out to a 3-0 lead, Harvard didn’t score a single point for the rest of the game. Go sports!

You’re welcome, Yale

Last year, Harvard’s loss breaking a nine-year winning streak against the Bulldogs. This year, the Crimson’s loss handed Yale the Ivy League title. No one can say we’re not gracious losers.


When all is lost and your team is down by a lot, you can at least see the Dean of the College hoisted up on the shoulders of two random students. Now that’s an experience you can never have outside of the Game. We are also happy to report that no injuries were sustained during that event.

We regret to inform you…

...members of Yale’s Saybrook College were at it again. And by ‘it,’ we mean they were stripping, as is their tradition when leading in the third quarter. Thankfully, a heavy security presence ensured that the Yalies didn’t go full-frontal like last year in Cambridge. (Although, we personally would’ve liked to see them thrown out of their own stadium too.) It seems the Yale penchant for exposing oneself extends further than just at the Game, because the fields surrounding the stadium were full of Yalies relieving themselves after pregaming too hard. That’s a sight we’ll pass on.

Harvard is still better

Some people might have you believe the Game is ‘more fun’ at Yale because they have one club and interestingly dungeon-like architecture. Both, we think, are not worth the hype. (We can attest that the Yale Bowl is just too far away from the rest of campus.) After a harrowing 24 or so hours in rainy New Haven, we couldn’t wait to return to the familiarity of our own bougie, holier-than-thou Ivy League school. What can we say? There’s just no place like home. The only thing we’re missing is a whole week off for Thanksgiving...